With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, we established Love & Grace Collective as a platform to bring people together and celebrate life's special moments.

As sisters, we understand the power of connection and the joy of sharing memories with loved ones. We believe in the magic of intimate gatherings and the transformative nature of celebrations. Our mission is to curate events that not only reflect the unique personalities and dreams of our clients but also cultivate a sense of love, grace, and genuine connection.

A labor of love founded by two sisters who share a deep passion for

creating meaningful experiences

Hanna and Paige have always had a love for planning events, whether it be for fun or work, there was always a desire to create an unforgettable celebration. The story began with Hanna’s career in many different event planning roles and the opportunity to plan Paige’s bachelorette and bridal shower. She has always had a deep love for designing and planning and this was the perfect opportunity to honor her sister. Paige brings creative design and a deep passion for community and connection, which has inspired our curated conversation cards that are available in each of our packages. 

Love & Grace Blossomed after designing and planning Paige’s wedding. They poured their heart and soul into every aspect of the event. From the carefully curated decorations to the meticulously planned itinerary, every detail radiated love, grace, and a genuine sense of sisterly connection. 

It has been a dream of ours to create this space for you all and we are proud to be able to do this side by side!

our story: celebrating love & grace

Let us tell your story

Love & Grace Collective is here to weave together a tapestry of love, grace, and meaningful connections. Join us as we celebrate your special moments, creating experiences that honor the bonds that make life truly extraordinary.



xoxo, Paige & Hanna

Built on a foundation of love, trust, 

& attention to detail

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we take great pride in getting to know each of them personally. By understanding their desires, aspirations, and vision, we are able to craft events that exceed expectations and create joyful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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Hanna & Paige

Love & Grace Collective are a Denver-based event planning team inviting community to connect and create joyful moments.

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